Davey keeps sailing north, exhausted and asleep at the end of her watch…

Once relieved, Davey falls asleep at the end of her 03:00-06:00 sailing watch, too tired
to even go below to her sea berth… exhausted and weather-worn on a long tack north across the equator.

A rotating three-hour watch system was the modus operandi for cruising at night. Every night the watches were split into three three-hour shifts; 21:00-24:00, 00:00-03:00, and 03:00-06:00 with the next person in linear order taking the first night watch. This made sure that two out of the three could get six continuous hours of sleep each night. Every third night, at middle watch, one would get only three continuous hours of sleep.
21:00-24:00 JOHN DAVEY PAUL
00:00-03:00 PAUL JOHN DAVEY
03:00-06:00 DAVEY PAUL JOHN

During the daylight hours at least two were always on deck so watch keeping was not necessary.

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