We had counted  twenty or so whales from shore and and it was an ideal 10-15 Knots and the Querencia, now 29, and biting at the bit after a grueling January full of maintenance work, was ready for sea trials.

We got caught between three pods at one point down around the Diamond Head buoy; huge whales. One breaching, one charging towards us along the surface at 11 o’clock, and one sounding, showing a tail 20 feet wide. Depth sounder was beeping like mad in 200 feet of water, huffing, puffing. The air smelling like low tide (whale breath). I had to do some evasive steering. All the whales  were much bigger than Querencia. Haven't been that concerned since  getting caught in between some gray whale pods off the coast of  California a long time ago.

If a 30 ton whale breached on the boat... well... I guess that could  be THE END. Not...

Then dolphins!

The occasional daysail 2/21/09